Please make sure you read this before booking a face painter....

Your booking is not confirmed until a deposit has been paid.


Payment must be made in full before the day of the event or in cash when your artist arrives before they begin.

You / your child's face needs to be CLEAN and DRY before the face painter will paint you. 

Please wipe noses & mouths before being seated for painting - wet wipes are available, please ask.


We will not paint people who appear to be suffering from: open wounds, cold sores, chicken pox, measles, mumps, runny noses, conjunctivitis, infectious skin conditions, eczema or appear unwell


We do NOT paint unaccompanied children. Children (and their actions) remain the responsibility of the party hosts/ organisers or their parents or guardians at all times.


We will paint something small on the hand, cheek or arm of children between 2 and 3 years of age at our discretion. Please trust our judgement and experience. Sometimes parents are keener than their children. If  the artist believes that a child is unhappy or not enjoying the experience, they WILL stop immediately. Please understand that for ethical reasons, this is very important! Face painting should be a fun experience…….


ANY concerns regarding your child’s possible reaction to face paints? Please discuss with the artist BEFORE queuing/being painted. Your artist  will not paint  on the face of any child who appears to have any type of skin sensitivity. They will paint on the hand or arm at their discretion.


All of the face paints, adhesives and glitter that our face painters use have been designed for professional use and comply with EU cosmetic regulations. As with any cosmetics, some people may be sensitive to any/all of the ingredients. Sunny-faces will not be held liable in the event of any reaction. We can conduct a patch test 30 minutes before painting if you are concerned.


TO REMOVE - please use your normal brand of soap & warm water . We don't recommend removal with baby wipes as it can cause a reaction.


Depending on skin type, some colours may linger on the skin (mainly turquoise, black and green)


Sunny-faces and your artist accept no responsibility if face paint/ glitter gets transferred onto surfaces, inflatable’s, clothing, carpets or vehicle interiors.

Why we can't paint children with sensitive skin
Some information to help you understand potential concerns about sensitive skin or reactions to face paint
Information on face painting children wi[...]
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If  you need a shelter, we can bring along a super-fast event shelter for £30.

This includes a table and two chairs.">
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