Do your homework before booking a face painter for your event....

Face painting is increasingly popular at all sorts of events including: parties; hen weekends; corporate events; nightclubs; fetes and store launches. It’s becoming just as popular for adults as it is for children thanks to the advent of face painting in places such as Ibiza. As a result, more and more face painters have set up for business in what is still an almost entirely unregulated industry. Here are some tips to help you to find a great professional face painter for your event....



Insurance is paramount. Make sure that you ask the question if it’s not apparent on the artist’s web site. Any professional face painter should be happy to send you a copy of their Public Liability Insurance certificate. 


Terms & Conditions

Make sure that you read the Terms & Conditions! Most face painters will send you a copy or check that you have read their T&Cs when you confirm your booking. T&Cs should cover things such as the age of children that can be painted and restrictions around painting children with skin conditions, obvious rashes or heavy colds. The T&Cs obviously protect the painter but primarily, they are there to protect you and your guests. In an age of ever increasing law suits, ensuring that your painter practices safely is important. You should also check on their cancellation and poor weather policies.



Check that your painter's reviews are credible. The reviews should have an email address linked to them or a Social Media link to a real customer. If you are in doubt, contact the referees to ensure that they are bona fide. Web sites such as Netmums are invaluable in as much as they check IP addresses to ensure that reviews do not originate from the advertiser, however, they can't police an advertiser's friends so this is always open to a degree of abuse.


Social Media

Take a look at your prospective artist's social media pages which should be linked from the web site home page. Consider the following:



You should get a good idea of the quality and type of work that your face painter is capable of and how regularly they are working from the photos on their timeline. Beware of the sites with multiple pictures of the face painter with various designs on their own face or the same children featured constantly. It could indicate limited real experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t hire them if you like their work, however, they may not paint very quickly; be adaptable to different requests or confident with handling children and parents. Checking an artist’s timeline pictures will also reassure you that they are using their own work to advertise their businesses. It’s amazing how many facepainters "borrow" photos of other artist’s work for their web sites and advertisments.



Look at the comments facepainters make about their customers, children and other artists. If they are negative or unprofessional (and some are!) on their social media pages, do you really want them at your event?



Are they real people or just friends?  A little bit of detective work will soon establish fake from fan. It’s worth spending a few minutes with your Miss Marple hat on to ensure that only genuine customers have left the fabulous reviews on a face painter’s Facebook Page.



Expect to be asked for a deposit. This reassures the face painter that you are not wasting their time as a last minute cancellation is never great for a business which relies on weekend work for the bulk of it's income. If you use a payment option such as Paypal, should there be an issue or the painter lets you down, you will be protected by the Paypal dispute scheme.



Ask your face painter about their working standards. I’d want to hear  that they do the following:

  • Anti-bacterial hand cleanse between each face.
  • Brushes sterilised after each event.
  • Good quality face paints with built in antibacterial/ fungal agents – Most of the brands now have this as standard.
  • Clean sponge between each face.
  • Q-tips (cotton buds) or one sponge per child for lips.
  • No painting on dirty faces or under snotty faces – the facepainter should provide wipes to ensure that grubby faces can be wiped.
  • No painting on open sores or over acne.
  • Frequent water changes.

I would shop around before booking a face painter. If you think about it, you’re trusting someone you’ve never met to apply paint to you and your guest's faces. It really is more than just someone turning up to slap a bit of paint on. Do your homework and make sure that you get someone competent and professional even if that means paying a little more. Think about your spend on the food, party bags, games, venue hire, cake, other entertainers. All of this is done to impress your guests....surely it's worth spending a little more on a professional who will work safely and produce the Wow factor! 


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Book me to impress your guests at:


I am currently only available for small private, gatherings. 


Company fun days

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I do not undertake work requiring me to take payment per face.

All bookings are subject to payment of an hourly rate by the event organiser. 

Prices start at £75 per hour for a 2 hour booking or £85 per hour for one hour bookings. 

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